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We are expected to accept Goddard as some kind of expert on our rights–as having some unique insight about how to legitimately infringe on that which shall not be infringed–not because of extensive study on his part of Constitutional law (his major was international studies), but because he was shot.  When he argues that continuing the mandated defenselessness policies on college campuses is necessary for safety (despite how poorly that worked at VA Tech and elsewhere), we are similarly asked to accept that he is an “expert” on the subject, not because of his extensive training in self-defense (which I have never seen claimed), but again because he was shot.  By that standard, I suppose everyone who survives a heart attack is now a cardiologist.

Kurt Hofmann
November 15, 2010
‘Gun control’ gets a new poster boy
[Oh! I like this game:

  • Everyone who has ever been in an automobile wreck is now a traffic safety engineer.
  • Everyone who has ever had their computer crash is now a software developer.
  • Everyone who has ever been divorced now is an expert on relationships.
  • Everyone who has ever failed a class is now a professor.
  • Everyone who has ever said something stupid is now a genius.



9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kurt Hofmann

  1. Everyone who has ever said something stupid is now a genius.

    well, that explains political pundits and talking heads, anyway. most of talk radio, too.

  2. Fidel Castro got tired of all the small time terrorist attacks against his dictatorship, this was in the first couple of years after the revolution (before the Cuban missile crisis). So he REQUIRED everyone including little old ladies to carry a gun at all times. He said this would mean the terrorist would not ever feel safe. It pretty much worked.

    I would feel much safer at a college campus if everyone was armed. Also it is their right.

    Also I in no way support Castro.

    Though according to your post:

    Castro is now a expert in Human Rights.


  3. The use of victims to tout anti-rights legislation is as old as the hills. The fallacy is obvious: they have no special expertise in the subject about which they talk, despite their personal experiences.

    What makes their use somewhat successful is that common decency prevents many people from saying to their faces, “Your horrible experience does not qualify you as an expert on the subject, and your supposed facts and opinions are quite incorrect.”

    A simple, politely presented refusal to listen to their garbage is about as good as one can accomplish without being labeled a heartless or rude (racist, conservative, troglodyte, anti-woman, etc., etc., etc.).

    They can’t argue against you when you say the emperor has no clothes, with him standing there naked and all, but for some reason they can abuse you for saying it.

  4. Victimhood is cherished by the left. As one of their media of exchange it is like gold to them. It is one of the highest forms of existence, for which they all long, to which they all aspire, and which they would have us all attain at their hands as payment in kind.

  5. I had sex with my wife …. so that makes me a wife. Hey…. this didn’t work out for me. I want to be a genius.

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