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As their public support continues to wane and mergers of the groups continue, it appears they’re having a harder time finding enough people to run even these reduced organizations. It also shows that their agendas are just as similar as we’ve claimed all along. While the Brady Bunch filed a ‘neutral’ brief in McDonald and claimed ‘handgun bans are off the table, all the Joyce groups opposed the ownership of handguns. We’ve seen the Brady’s pick up the ‘insurrectionist’ meme championed by Josh Horwitz.

Gun control advocates like to rant on about the NRA and how they control the opinions and messages of all these blogs and other pro-gun groups. The reality is that there is much more diversity in opinion and leadership among firearm advocates that what is left of the gun control movement.

They are one and the same and we’ll continue to see their extremist viewpoints shrink along w/ their support and budgets.

October 24, 2010
One and the Same
[This observation also explains the presence of people with obvious mental defects, such as Joan Peterson, on the board of anti-gun groups. They have both a shortage of money and qualified people. This also explains the success of Mary McFate (or Mary Lou Sapone). Sebastian (in a private email) deserves credit for this last observation. And this problem they have can and should be exploited to the maximum possible. We need to press them as fast as we can on as many fronts as we can. We outnumber them at least 100 to one and have ten times (or more) as much disposable money.

Lets crush them and drive them into political extinction.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Thirdpower

  1. That last line sounds pretty close to Conan the Barbarian’s best thing in life, except you left out hearing the lamentation of their women. Although Ms. Peterson might be able to provide that. Or Mr. Helmke, for that matter.

  2. I was thinking the same thing about Ms. Peterson myself. Even if you disregard her analytical capabilities and just look at formatting alone, her written communication skills are marginal. There are plenty of capitalization, spelling, and grammatical errors at her site.

    The issue is that she’s not just a supporter. She is on their board of directors — I’d expect any Board to consist of thoughtful individuals! If not subject matter experts (often Directors are not SMEs) they at least need to have excellent communication skills, long range vision, and sound judgment.

    Let’s just say that any national corporation that had a Director like Ms. Peterson would probably find that things would get shaken up a bit at the annual shareholder’s meeting.

  3. Why is it that pro-liberty bloggers and readers are out there making their points seven days a week, on the Internet, in newspapers and on the streets, but anti-liberty advocates only fight in spurts? If you believe strongly in something, and you have a conduit for publishing your opinions, wouldn’t you have the motivation to fight for your cause every day of your life?

  4. And we do it essentially for free, or at a loss, or for whatever our ad banners and market contacts can get us.

    Meanwhile they can only advocate if they’re compensated for their time.

    Its a lost cause and all but the most insane of them have seen the writing on the wall.

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