Volunteers needed in Arlington Washington

Via the Apex Of the Triangle of Death:

NRA Washington is doing an open house at the Norpoint Range in Arlington on the weekend of Sep 4th and 5th. I know that’s a holiday weekend, however if you could put the word out to your contacts that we need a few volunteers to help me staff the table that would be fantastic. I’ll be there all day Saturday and Sunday, ideally I’d like to have 4 people a day for 2 hours each, that way we can break the times up a bit.

If you know of anyone in that area (north of Seattle) that would be interested in hanging out in a gun shop all day, have them shoot me an email!


Caleb N Giddings
NRA Campaign Field Representative
caleb at gunnutsmedia.com

I actually will be driving through Arlington on the 4th (to here) but I’m pretty sure my wife has plans for me other than hanging out at a gun range for a couple hours. I will be pack’in in the park for the weekend though.


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  1. You got me all excited, that there was a range I hadn’t heard about in Arlington Virginia (which is just south of Washington DC).

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