Who Knew…

…that there would be warm water on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, that there would be sunlight on the Gulf, or microbes in the water?

Experts Surprized…Again.

It seems the major catastrophe that was supposed to happen, that the anti capitalists desperately wanted to happen, isn’t happening.  Damn it!

FYI; Diesel fuel, for example, needs to have preservatives added to it, or it will rot in the tank.  Yes, it’s food for little bugs otherwise.  I know that, ’cause I used to run a diesel car.


4 thoughts on “Who Knew…

  1. Can we finally admit that we humans haven’t got a clue what the earth is capable of? Can the envirowhackos just shut up now?

  2. I actually had a feeling that something like this was going to happen; I didn’t expect it to happen this quickly, though!

    I had this feeling because the person in charge of cleaning up the Exxon Valdez spill decided to leave certain sections of the beaches in Alaska untouched. The parts of the beach that were steam-blasted took forever to recover; as a result, that one person in charge said “I really wish we had left the entire beaches alone!”.

    I didn’t know that diesel fuel had preservatives in it, though!

  3. I also heard that seawater has a corrosive chemical called “sodium chloride” in it. But that sounds like something environmentalists would make up to scare people.

  4. Bob; “Sodium chloride”! Ooh, that does sound scary. We can no doubt blame the corporations.

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