Those Racist Lefties

Michelle Malkin gets mail.

She has obviously struck a nerve.

I’ll keep reminding people that the KKK were virtually all Democrats, until it is taught in public schools nationwide, and Bill Clinton with Obama get together for a national public service ad and apologize to the world for the KKK/Democrat association.

I wanted make a bigger point about the slinging of insults, often including some rather well contemplated sexual insults, when you have no argument, but I just don’t have the energy.  Then there’s the even bigger point of that against which we are fighting.  It doesn’t reason and it doesn’t have empathy or compassion.  It doesn’t even want to be seen as reasonable, if spending the energy to appear reasonable isn’t necessary.  It longs for a situation in which all pretense of reason and compassion become unnecessary.  It’s hate with a life of its own, and it will flow from one person or group to another.  As such we should understand that this isn’t personal.  You can defeat this person or that group of people, and the monster lives on.  Hell, am I starting to sound religious?  You may call it that if it makes you feel better.


1 thought on “Those Racist Lefties

  1. Since I am a person and their hatred is aimed at me, it damned sure is personal.

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