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Nonetheless, the Supreme Court’s Second Amendment decisions have made a major difference. In particular, they have offset the gun-control community’s longstanding effort to “denormalize” firearms ownership — to portray it as something threatening, deviant, and vaguely perverse, and hence demanding strict regulation, if not outright prohibition. That effort went on for decades, and received much media support. Two decades ago, it seemed to be working.

But with the Supreme Court saying that it’s clear the Framers regarded individual gun ownership as “necessary to our system of ordered liberty,” that effort must be seen as a failure now. Gun ownership by law-abiding citizens is the new normal, and the Second Amendment is now normal constitutional law. It will stay so, as long as enough Americans care to keep it that way.

Glenn Reynolds
June 29, 2010
The New Normal: The Second Amendment After Heller and McDonald
[They are still trying to “denormalize” it. They do it with zero tolerance in the schools for even a sandwich bitten to look like a gun, registration, licensing, publicizing concealed carry license holders along with sex offenders, and here and here for example. See also my gun cartoon of the day topic.

We came very, very close to losing this via “denormalization”. It’s how the holocaust came into being and it’s not that much of a stretch to imagine a similar fate for gun owners had we not been able to turn it around.

We must continue to normalize it. The safe and responsible exercise of a specific enumerated right is not something that should ever be looked down upon. Those that disparage it should be derided, scorned, and humiliated and the Heller and McDonald rulings give another great tool to accomplish that with.–Joe]


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  1. I wish I shared Glenns optimism. Like Joe said, Marginalization has been a two decade (or maybe back to NFA 34) slow blood loss for freedom. The control nuts still believe that’s “good for us”, and just like Doctors of yore the media are there waiting to apply the leaches. It’s up to us to drive the change that began with Heller deeper into the psyche of America. Like a norplant of penicillin we need to be in the debate not just on fun sites like this one but taking a reasonable persuasive perspective into the places (like horses ass and other statist leaning blogs, and in person be that at work or out shopping) where people haven’t really gotten it yet. I think a lot of this could be driven home by some real change in the next election. But I don’t see a groundswell of our people out pushing. Yet. -Boyd Kneeland

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