Quote of the day–Alan Gottlieb

Through this lawsuit in North Carolina we intend to show that state emergency powers statutes that allow government officials to suspend fundamental civil rights, including the right to bear arms, are unconstitutional and therefore should be nullified. Citizens do not surrender their civil rights just because of a natural or man-made disaster.

Alan Gottlieb
June 29, 2010
[I expected something in New York City or maybe New Jersey. But I suppose this was fairly low hanging fruit with lower risk.

It may also be that it will take some time to incorporate the McDonald rulings  into the filings for those jurisdictions.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Alan Gottlieb

  1. We also have to keep in mind that Mr. Gura and the SAF have a plan. Each of these cases is carefully chosen to lay the foundation for the next one.

    As long as we have this makeup in the Supreme Court, I’m eagerly cheering them on. They obviously have some idea of what they’re doing…they’ve made more progress in the past couple of years than the NRA’s “compromise away some of our rights so that we don’t lose them all” strategy has achieved in decades.

    I just hope that, in their eagerness to wrest some of the limelight back away from Mr. Gura and SAF, the NRA doesn’t do anything stupid to mess things up for them. All it would take is a poorly chosen, unsympathetic petitioner to cause a precedent setting loss that could haunt us for a long time.

    Considering the NRA’s track record of unsuccessful litigation, I hope they just stay out of the way.

    I’m not holding my breath.

  2. This case looks to be a slam dunk (though McDonald should have been too….)

    I have to commend SAF for a well thought out strategy. Win McDonald, then go after the easy victories 1st to gain momentum and establish precedent.

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