6 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Actually that’s a pretty good one, and very telling. Given that Gunnies as a general rule blog with more-or-less open comment sections, and often spirited debate, while those on the other side go to great lengths to create an echo-chamber of their own views.

    We WANT to discuss the issue with people who disagree with us…they want us to shut up and go away!

  2. Awesome cartoon Joe!

    Anti’s do almost universally have outright contempt for the rest of the Bill of Rights, particularly when it comes to speech they don’t like.

  3. This is interesting in that the cartoon could be taken at least two ways. Without knowing anything of the artist, it could be an intentional endictment of Clinton and of the anti rights left in general (change the text to “I’m in active oppososition, not only to the second amendment, but the First as well”), or it could be a sincere call for silencing the pro gun rights voices. I can’t tell which side he’s on without knowing more.

  4. Lyle,

    I noticed the same thing. I have another cartoon from the same artist that is clearly anti-NRA so I pretty sure of what he intended.

    Tomorrow’s cartoon, with a similar theme to this one, is not even a little bit ambiguous.

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