Quote of the day–Theodore Haas

Their ignorance is pitiful — their lives have been too easy. Had they
experienced Dachau, they would have a better idea of how precious freedom is.
These leftist should leave America. These Sarah Brady types must be educated to
understand that because we have an armed citizenry, that a dictatorship has not
yet happened in America. These anti-gun fools are more dangerous to Liberty than
street criminals or foreign spies.

Theodore Haas
Full Interview with Holocaust Survivor, Theodore Haas

[I was reminded of this quote by The Brady Campaign connection with anti-Semite Helen Thomas.–Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Theodore Haas

  1. Anyone who does not believe the American deep left is not capable of the atrocity depicted in that photo is a damn fool. Bad history loops back just as surely as periodic influenza out breaks. The most blood thirsty bastards of the last hundred years have been the left.

  2. The only issue I have with what Mr. Haas says in his interview is that his comments reference only the left. The right has, in many ways, been just as complicit in ushering in restrictions on our liberty. The guiding reference that should be used by any member of Congress when determining their vote on a bill should not be “what good can be done with this bill”, it should be “what are the worst case scenarios for the powers being given.”* The grounds of Dachau which were Mr. Haas’ “home” as a young man, and which I toured as a young exchange student, are a palpable reminder of the “good intentions” of the Weimar Republic which initiated the assault on firearms ownership and personal liberties inherited by the National Socialists. Ironically, many of these laws were enacted in an attempt to suppress the very group the ended up empowering. In the long run, Weimar’s weakening of the Volk and readiness to increase the power of the state is as complicit in the tragedy that followed as the orders given by the Nazi leaders themselves. By assuming that those who would control the state would be perpetually benevolent, the Weimar leaders gave the Nazis the apparatus of state needed to suppress the people and quite literally enslave them.

    Truly the phrase “quis custodiet ipsos custodes” (“who will guard the guardians” or “who will protect us against the protectors”) is as apt a question for us today as it was in ancient Rome and we have so far been lucky that the Founding Fathers codified the answer in the 2nd Amendment.


    * – With the caveat that they may actually have to read AND understand bills before voting on them which, apparently, is no longer part of their job description.

  3. Gregory; Good comment. I would only caution against conflating, say, Republicans with “the right”. I will suggest that someone who votes in favor of rights violations, or the power to violate rights, is by definition not of “the right”. In other words, a poser who fools people into voting for him by pretending to be of the right is not of the right, any more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing is a sheep, or a Progressive is compassionate.

  4. Wow. Thanks for putting up that quote, Joe, as well as the link to the full interview… First-hand experiences such as his are, thankfully, becoming more and more rare, and yet are invaluable as ever.

    Unfortunately, I fear that we are rapidly sliding down a slope wherein an armed populace will no longer matter, but I guess time will tell.

  5. True. In my opinion definitions such as “left”, “right”, “Democrat”, “Republican”, etc. are all a large part of the problem. Rather than trying to solve political issues rationally most people adopt some sort of political orientation based on some keyword, likely due to a very limited range of issues combined with peer pressure within their social/political circle or as a reaction to another social/political circle. Then, rather than thinking logically about the issues facing them they spend more time convincing themselves that they believe what their “orientation” defines for them than thinking for themselves, which usually blinds them to the “evils” their choices create. They are voting correctly for their orientation and that is more important.

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