Quote of the day–Mayor Richard M. Daley

Next will be hand grenades, right? We’ll say that hand grenades are OK. I mean, how far can you go in regards to mass weapons? To me, any gun taken off saves thousands of lives in America. I really believe that, I don’t care what people tell me. You have to thank the police officers for seizing all these weapons. We lead the country in seizing weapons. This is unbelievable.

Mayor Richard M. Daley
May 20, 2010
Mayor Daley Threatens to Shoot the Messenger—Namely, Me
[H/T to Rob who sent me an email.

“Any gun taken off saves thousands of lives”? Really? Yup, he says, “I really believe that.” There are approximately 200,000,000 guns in private hands in the U.S. If all of them were seized would there be 200 billion lives saved?

I think he says all we need know about what goes on in his mind when he says, “I don’t care what people tell me”. I never would have guessed.–Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Mayor Richard M. Daley

  1. Actually conservative estimates put the amount of legally owned guns in the US at 380,000,000.

  2. Mayor Richard M. Daley is quite possibly the stupidest person on earth. I have read dozens of quotable, insane statements by the man over the years. Many as laughable as “I don’t care what people tell me”. The fool uses “facts” he catches from thin air in front of his face.

  3. If we look at Daley’s statement in light of the fact that gun control has never been about crime or safety, it’s easy enough to understand.

    The antis cannot afford to be honest about their motivations. That being the case, they are forced into twisted logic, denial, outright lies and stupidity. It would be richly entertaining if it weren’t so serious.

  4. Chicago leads the nation in firearm seizures and also the number of homocides (or are they running second to DC? I forget)? Hmmmm. I know one doesn’t necessarily prove the other but…… It has got to give one pause and some time to think.

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