Some incompetent religious fanatic tries to blow up the infidels and the would be tyrant politicians want to infringe the rights of everyone:

New York desperately needs more anti-terror funding and tighter gun control laws to guard against the next attempted attack on the city, Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly told Congress Wednesday.

Bloomberg cited the handgun found in the van of Times Square bombing suspect Faisal Shahraz. He noted new federal stats showing that suspects on terrorism watchlists tried to buy weapons more than 1,200 times in the last six years and were successful 90% of the time.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) backed Bloomberg’s plea for more Homeland anti-terror funding while breaking with the Obama administration on how the arrest of Shahraz was handled.

“I don’t believe somebody like Shahraz should receive Miranda rights,” Lieberman said. Terrorism suspects “ought to be turned over to the military justice system” Lieberman said.

Until a suspect is clearly associated with a foreign organization they are common criminals not enemy combatants.


3 thoughts on “Typical

  1. Like it or not, this sonofabitch is an American citizen. That means he is entitled to all the rights of any of us. There are rules to follow and if we are stupid enough to tolerate the breaking of them, for any reason we will be next on the spit over the fire. As for Bloomberg and all those who would harm me for nothing I have done. I have no compunction about harming people who harm me for no justifiable reason. I get to be the judge in that case.

  2. He is an American citizen. He allegedly trained in a foreign country with a terrorist organization, planned and carried out (as an illegal combatant) an attempted mass murder of US civilian non-combatants in furtherance of the terrorist organization’s goals, and attempted to flee back to the home country of the terrorist organization after the fact.

    Once the above is legally demonstrated, is there any problem prosecuting him in front of a military tribunal rather than by a civilian court?

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