Quote of the day–Bob Walker

Yesterday’s shooting, like earlier ones, dramatizes the need for tougher federal legislation. We must find a way of stopping the interstate loophole that now exists. Otherwise, would-be killers will continue to take advantage of our federal system.

Bob Walker
Feb 24, 1997
Statement of Bob Walker, Presidnet (sic), Handgun Control, Inc. Re: Shooting at Empire State Building
[Interstate loophole, newspaper loophole, the Terror Gap (and here), and of course the ever popular gun show loophole. Why don’t they just come out and say it? It is the federal system known as “The Second Amendment Loophole” that they have their panties all in a twist about.

After closing that they could start working on the First Amendment Loophole. Once they have that closed it should be a cinch to close the Thirteenth Amendment Loophole or at least enage in some “reasonable regulation” in that regard.–Joe]


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  1. What loophole is it that allows enemies of liberty to operate with impunity within our society? Does it have a name? Who is responsible for closing it? By what mechanism? Who ya gonna call?

  2. What’s wrong with having every gun sale done through an FFL? That’s a Common Sense Gun Law — something “law-abiding” gun owners should have no problem with.

    What are you trying to do? Arm the criminals?

  3. How about we make the NCIS system available to everyone free of charge?

    Then we use the higher taxes paid by people like ubu to help cover the costs for the ATF.

  4. “What are you trying to do? Arm the criminals?

    Ubu; there you go again– “arm the criminals”, as if we’re buying truckloads of guns and passing them out for free at the prisons. Please pick your words a little more carefully.

    There’s nothing stopping criminals from being armed. They’re always armed if they want. Always have been, always will be. By definition, criminals don’t obey the law, you see. You can’t un-invent the firearm either, nor the sword or the club. Criminals can get guns as easily as they can get illegal drugs or other contraband, or as easily as you or I could get alcohol before we were 21. Ban guns completely and only the criminals (and the tyrants) will be armed. What are you trying to do– give the criminals total power?

    So we’re not talking about whether or not criminals will be armed. That’s a given. This whole discussion is about whether law-abiding citizens will be able to arm themselves without being intimidated, restricted, hassled, taxed, impugned or maligned for it. In that case, there is no need or use for FFLs, the BATFE, or any of the rest of it.

  5. Link to one of your fellow gunbloggers: http://www.alphecca.com/mt_alphecca_archives/001857.html

    “More than 53 million background checks for gun sales have been conducted since 1998, when the NICS replaced a five-day waiting period. More than 850,000 sales have been denied, the FBI reported; in most of those cases, the applicant had a criminal record.”

    Why would criminals even bother to get background checks if they know they are criminals and aren’t supposed to be buying guns? I dunno ‘cept maybe it’s because many of them aren’t too smart.

    Secondly, 850,000!!! That’s a lot! Nobody is going to tell me that we aren’t any safer since 850,000 gun sales were denied for various reasons.

  6. Ubu52,

    That is an interesting choice of words, “Nobody is going to tell me…”

    Do you use the same logic in extolling the virtues of prohibition?

    See also the first comment to the post you linked to. The rest of the comments are worthy of consideration as well.

  7. Also note the very important “in most of those cases”. I know of more than a few people, by way of a few forums, who have not been able to purchase a firearm in the recent years without challenging their NICS refusal. Their name matches up to certain people on certain lists, and they have been unable to get the FBI to correct the problem.

    I wonder how many of those 850k were similar errors.

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