Quote of the day–Justice Richard B. Sanders

The Second Amendment right to bear arms applies to the states through the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Justice Richard B. Sanders
Supreme Court of the State of Washington
State of Washington v. Christopher William Sieyes
February 18, 2010
[This probably should be the quote of the year. But I’ll I expect similar words will be used in the Chicago gun case.

Still nothing from the Brady Campaign. They must be off in a corner someplace sobbing, drinking Tequila or contemplating that bottle of whiskey and sleeping pills. I’ll give them another slap by adding another chapter to my review of Lethal Logic tomorrow.–Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Justice Richard B. Sanders

  1. So if the second amendment is to be filtered through the 14th why didn’t the founders swap their places so it was clear to us what was most important? Maybe they thought that without the first and second none of the rest would last anyway.

  2. Gura, in McDonald v Chicago, is going for incorporation through privileges and immunities clause, to eliminate a large swath of court-promoted federal power. I wonder if this court decision is an attempt to influence the Supremes to take the less-disruptive path of incorporation via due process.

  3. Rignerd, the reason the 14th did not come first is because the guys that wrote the first 10 were all cold in their graves by the time the 14th was written.

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