Dear Republicans

This is addressed to Pete Sessions, but it serves as an open letter to the Party.  I don’t for a minute expect it to go anywhere, or make a difference if it did, and I could think of several ways to make it better after the fact, but someone has to say it.


“The Obama/Pelosi agenda has been proven to be a failure…”

That’s true, but what exactly is the Republican agenda?  Remember Bush’s prescription drug entitlement, TARP, and the fact that McCain supported TARP and the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) hoax?  I sure do.

It is well and good to point out the Democrats’ mental problems and their anti American mindset, but I’m looking for some distinction between Dems and Republicans other than the message I’m getting now, which is, “Give us money—we’re not as corrupt as those other guys.”
In my lifetime the distinction has been, More Socialism Faster, verses More Socialism Slower.  No thanks.  I want to see your plan for;

A) Dismantling socialist programs in the U.S. (going back to the Wilson Administration and un-doing the damage).  This would involve the elimination of multiple government “departments” and laying off thousands of federal government workers (if they’re worth something, they’ll thrive in the private sector. If they’re not, they shouldn’t have been hired in the first place) so as to allow the markets to do what they do best—excel, by weeding out the poor performers and elevating the best performers.

B) Holding accountable those who have promoted or supported socialism (government intervention in the markets for the purpose of social engeneering, i.e. economic stagnation and the erosion of property rights) of any kind within the halls of government.  That would include, but not be limited to, charges of fraud and/or racketeering and/or misappropriation of public funds against the perpetrators of the AGW hoax.

C) Restoring compliance with, and faith in, the U.S. constitution.

D) Cutting tax rates across the board to a small fraction of their current levels, thereby moving boldly forward in restoring capitalism and the liberty and prosperity that comes along with it.
The socialist/Progressive movement has been gaining ground in this country for over 100 years, and all that time the Republican Party has been there, either in idleness, in complacency, or themselves actively leading us down this rat hole.  I have had enough.  Do not ask me to take you seriously until you’ve demonstrated some seriousness of your own, plus some clarity, specificity and bold action with regard to the above points.



I’m not supporting any squishy, cowardly Republicans and neither should you.  There is no time for playing games.


7 thoughts on “Dear Republicans

  1. What a great platform that would be!

    I especially like the part about holding them accountable.

  2. For a plan from the Republicans, I’d like to see included:

    1) Nothing leaves either the House or the Senate without an accompanying document clearly detailing the
    Constitutional authority on which the legislation is based;
    2) A detailed “financial project plan” to reduce federal spending by at least 10% per year for at least
    5 years in all areas not directly related to national defense and national security, with a
    concomitant reduction in federal taxes.
    3) A detailed project plan to secure national borders.
    4) Spending caps in office and term limits on Representatives and Senators
    5) A signed, public commitment from all elected Republicans to resign immediately should they violate
    spending caps, budget reduction, tax reduction, negatively impact national security or vote in
    favor of legislation not strictly authorized by the Constitution

    Anything less than that and you’re nothing but Democrat Lite, and we absolutely don’t need Democrat anything.

  3. Yup; NRCC Chairman. He’s the guy who sends us letters telling us how bad the Democrats are, and how we can oppose them by sending money to the NRCC. It’s a “good politician / bad politician” ruse to get money. They make me sick to my stomach. It’s like hearing from the Crips about how the Crips are our only hope for fighting the Bloods.

    Notice what they don’t say (and can’t say). They don’t tell us all the things they are doing to push back against the socialist/Progressive movement– all those things that actually deserve our support. That’s because the list is short enough to fit on your little pinky fingernail and still leave plenty of room. That and the fact that most Republicans are guilty of the same things they’re accusing the Dems of doing. If they’re going to start “holding accountable” those who have pushed the Progressive agenda, they’ll have to indict many of their own. This is where I say we can “Grow The Party By Making It Smaller”. We have to get rid of the dead weight to make the plane go faster. No one worthwhile is going to join your club (and that includes voters, half of whom sit out most elections) as long as the losers, the cowards, the idiots, the appeasers and the fools are running the show. As it is, there is a good portion of the Republican Part that is embarrassed and sickened by the very existence of conservatives or “small ell” libertarians. They think you are the problem.

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