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[Y]our generalization in calling your “opponents” stupid is just wrong. That’s a trick that you and other leaders in the pro-gun movement perpetuate. Thousands of your followers then pick up on it and pretty soon you’ve got millions repeating the same nonsense. Pro-gun folks are smart and honest while the gun control people are stupid and dishonest. I think that’s a false message and you should stop preaching it.

December 3, 2009
Comment to Dumb statement
[How very interesting that mikeb302000 should say this.

This is the same mikeb30200 who is unable or unwilling to explain how he determines truth from falsity. Hence, in reality, his statement above is almost completely devoid of any content. By his own admission he can’t determine truth from falsity, right from wrong, or good from evil. Yet here he claims Say Uncle is wrong and is sending “a false message”.

As Say Uncle responded, “[Y]ou’re stupid. Go away, the adults are talking.”–Joe]


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day–mikeb302000

  1. Having followed the links back to the original article, the following occurs to me:
    “Just as guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill people, so is it also true that guns don’t save people, people with guns save people.”

    Somewhere I came across a factoid that stated (something like) multiple shootings in gun free zones were stopped by guns.

  2. As always, Joe, thanks for the linkage.

    It does interest me, however, that MikeB302000 continues to indicate that he does not really care how he is mentioned, only that he is mentioned. It really does make me wonder if he realizes how much damage his tacit agreement to his previous words does him, or if he is even aware of the problem inherent in his previous words. But, then again, as you say, Joe, there is a fairly obvious explanation…

    At any rate, Rob, I am fairly certain that most mass shootings in victim-disarmament zones have been stopped with the assistance of firearms – the only difference is that the firearms are being carried and employed by the “right” (in the words of anti-rights advocates like MikeB302000) people (i.e. police officers), and not us common folk. Somehow, this makes a difference to them…

  3. Heh. MikeB302000 is pretty crafty. He speaks and all the pro-gunnies run around like squirrels trying to get the next nut. He plays all ya’ll like a fiddle. (I best love it when the pro-gunners gleefully post “And that’s why we are WINNING!”)

  4. Oh you got us ubu! It’s your ignorant bigoted side that’s winning.

    I forgot that posting mindless dogma, avoiding facts and the issues and calling names = Winning.


  5. Weer’d,

    I think the issue here is readership. Mike hasn’t been blogging that long and I’ll bet he has a hefty set of eyeballs reading his blog everyday while the many of you are content with very limited readership.

    Tomorrow, Mike could declare “The only reasonable place to concealed carry a gun is in your sock” and 20 of you would have to post something about how stupid he is on your blogs.

    He’s better at stirring the pot than most of you are.

  6. Have you not heard, Weer’d? Bothering to stand up for your rights in the face of those who would deprive you of them is the surest indicator that you are LOOOOOSING, and nothing more than a mindless automaton to boot. Furthermore, “rabble-rousing” is the only real metric of success, even if you are advocating for the abridgement, infringement, and abrogation of individual’s natural and Constitutionally-protected rights. ‘Cause, you know, effort matters and all that. But only when it is effort in the “right” direction…

    I do have to give UBU52 credit, though -as in the past, she makes absolutely no bones about her own irrational bigotry towards firearm-owners and those who do dare to stand up for their rights. I almost have to admire that. Almost.

  7. Also, I cannot help but to add this bit of horn-tooting:

    Mike vs. me vs. Joe.

    The phrase “not even in the same ballpark” comes to mind, but try not to let the facts interrupt your all-too-amusing nonsense.

  8. And Linoge, that ranking can’t take full account of the widespread boycott of MikeB’s site.

    If Ubu attempted to back up her foolish claims she’d find MikeB’s dump looking more like a Backdrop for a Mad Max picture these days.

    Our readership is growing, MikeB’s is wiseing up and leaving.

  9. Yup. It’s been a recurring theme– there is a greater percentage of Leftists who would prefer attention, even if it’s negative attention, over a principled debate. We can compare their behavior to a kid acting out in class. The means are largely irrelevant. They find ways to get attention for its own sake, and discover that it isn’t difficult if you’re simply offensive.

    Getting attention for one’s abilities and accomplishments is far more difficult by comparison. It’s interesting now that I think about it more; the socialist views profit as the beginning and end of what motivates the capitalist, though anyone who’s actually done it knows that there’s a whole lot more to it than seeking profit. In my experience, people in business view profit as the means to continue in business, rather than the other way ’round. If the socialist (or common criminal) can take wealth by force, he sees himself as equal to or superior to the capitalist. “Look– I can get money too!” Same goes for getting attention, I submit. Mikeb has thumbed his nose at Joe because mikeb has managed to get himself some attention. How that attention was gotten, and the kind of attention appears not to matter. “See? Haw haw– I got some money too”, says the socialist. Likewise; “See? Haw haw– I got some attention”, says the misbehaving child. “You’re not so special after all I guess. Teacher’s pet! Teacher’s pet!”

  10. Hey ubu, we could easily say the same thing about all of you antigunners out there as well.

    Guess its a win-win situation, we’re both getting aggravated, but only the fence-sitters are going to see facts from one side and snarky comments from the other. Guess which one it is?

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