Quote of the day–Dave Stancliff

The column achieved what it was supposed to do. It got people thinking about the problems associated with assault weapons.

Whether you believe there’s a problem or not, the reality trumps your rhetoric and your use of conservative/NRA babble trying to pass for the truth.

I don’t have the answers, but if enough people work on it they will come.

Dave Stancliff
September 13, 2009 4:13 PM
Comment to Let’s face it, no one will take the high road to gun control
In response to demonstration that his “facts” in an anti-gun editorial were all wrong.
[“If enough people work on it” they will be able to refute verifiable facts? I suppose if the Ministry of Truth (or is it the Truth Czar these days?) puts enough people on the problem it’s possible.–Joe] 


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Dave Stancliff

  1. Kinda interesting that the name-calling done by anti-gun bigots is at a 100% rate.

    They don’t like their argument being questioned or damaged by facts so they break out the dick jokes.

  2. I still remember being completely blown away at how that quote was his reaction to me presenting him with linked-to citations from the BATFE, federal law, Our Glorious President, Clinton-administration-funded research, and the FBI’s own Uniform Crime Reports… “I do not care what that facts say, my opinion on reality is reality, and that is that!” You almost have to give a person credit for being that solipsistic…

    As I probably said before, if you ever wanted/needed a poster-child for the anti-rights-advocates-as-bigots meme, Dave is one hell of a good candidate.

  3. As with most lib/soc/coms, their reality is the only reality(until dear leader tells them to change it…

  4. Stancliff isn’t interested in crime and safety.

    “…no one will take the high road to gun control.”
    The high road, Dave Stancliff, would be taking a stand in support of human rights, including the right to keep and bear arms, most especially at those times and places where it is unpopular to do so. That’s what America is about, and it is apparently what you’re not. Setting out to further infringe upon or violate a right is to take the very lowest of roads.

    Joe Huffman has taken the high road with regard to “gun control”. That is to become armed, to become proficient at shooting, to uphold human rights as precious, and to expose the deadly, self righteous ignorance and bigotry of anti-libertarians like you.

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