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Why can’t people just do what they’re told? When we do our taxes do we ask why line 35 is subtracted from line 22? Do we argue with the judge when he makes a decision or a cop tells us not to stand in a certain place? No.

We are subjects of the government that is supposed to care of us. Whether the rules are stupid or illogical, do what you’re told by authorities. The rules are for your own good.

Life will be a lot simpler if you do what you’re told.

October 24, 2009 7:01 PM
Response to “Bag Check” Cartoon
[I’m just not quite sure if this person was serious or sarcastic. I’m about 80% sure it was serious. And that is extremely scary to me.

And the TSA has a blog? What a hoot! I wish I had the time to go play with them more. I left a comment at the above link but due to moderation it hasn’t shown up yet. I essentially just left a link to What TSA really stands for. So it may be that won’t make it past moderation.–Joe]

Update: The comment made it through moderation and I’m getting hits from it. There is also a automatically generated link to this post as well that is getting a few hits.


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  1. The government works for us, and is supposed to protect our freedom and liberty. Whether the constitutional limits and the Founding Principles are popular or not, obey them. The rules are for your own good.

    Life will be a lot simpler if you refrain from trying to tell me what to do.

    There. Fixed it.

  2. Crap on a crutch, Joe, you just had to go and frak my whole day up.

    Unfortunately, being the young, cynical twit I am, I have little to no doubt the individual in question was being quite serious with his comment. Even more unfortunately, I very much doubt he is alone in his sentiments… Far too many people like being told what to do, like being tended for, like being absolved of any and all responsibility… And, as with any republic, once people realize they can start voting those kinds of things into existence, we are well and truly boned.

    And, yes, I do frequently ask why our tax forms work they way they do. Hell, my father does, and he is a verifiable rocket scientist…

  3. If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.
    -Sam Adams

  4. The young people of today have the meme: “FML” standing for fuck my life.

    I’m starting a new trend. Whoever is that commenter, I say, “FTS.” Fuck That Shit.

  5. Living in “Disasterland” (California), I kind of agree with the poster.

    Some of the people in Hurricane Katrina might have survived if they had just done what they were told.

    Yeah, there are times when it makes sense to challenge ideas but other times, it makes sense to just go along with what they are telling you. (This comes up a lot in our disaster planning as a family. When asked where we should meet up, I always say that I am going to go wherever they tell me to go. I figure we can “meet up” later.)

  6. Some of the people in Hurricane Katrina might have survived if they had just done what they were told.

    And a lot of people did die (and be subjected to positively inhuman conditions) because they “did what they were told”, or did you completely forget about the Superdome disaster? Or did you completely forget how the governments of Louisiana and our contry decided to disarm the law abiding, and leave them defenseless in the face of hordes of opportunistic thugs, who definitely took advantage of the situation?

    Sorry, but I lived through Hurricane Katrina, first-hand, in a variety of capacties, and there really has never been a more-perfect example of complete government incompetence on American soil in recent history. Areas of Mississippi near where I used to live still have not recovered completely, partially due, no doubt, to people doing what they were told and waiting for assistance (promised assistance that always seems to be going to New Orleans, instead…).

    To hell with that. When it came time for Better Half and I to dodge the San Diego fires of ’07, we had our own plans, independent of whatever the city was doing (which, by the by, was pretty damned near nothing, at least when it came to managing its residents), and we executed the appropriate one at the appropriate time regardless of what the civil authorities were doing (mostly sitting on their own hands). If we had waited to do what we were told, she probably would have been deathly ill from the particulate matter in the air, much less from the small problem of having fires less than two miles away.

    America was not founded on the ideals of “doing what you were told”. America was not made great by “doing what you were told”. (This is not to say that Americans cannot and have not worked together in the past, often under the banner of the government, but doing so simply because the government tells you to, without any conscious thought on your part (what the above Anonymous commenter was proposing) is sheer madness.) And I seem to recall some quote about people not remembering the past…

  7. ubu; At first I read “disaster land” as meaning “government caused disaster land” which is how most of us in the rest of the country view California, but then I realized you may be talking about the earthquakes, fires, etc. Got news for you in that case; disasters happen in all 50 states. It’s just that the Calis whine a lot more and get more attention. People in other states just take care of business. “California is on fire” is the news each and every year, yet here in the Northwest there are fires every year too– it’s just that we have fewer national journalists here.

    If you’re referring to “disaster land” in the correct sense, then you’re sitting in disasterland calling for even bigger disasters. The biggest problems in Cali are that people already listen far too much to scumbag politicians, not knowing how, or wanting, to think for themselves. The earthquakes and fires are mild annoyances by comparison.

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