Quote of the day–Kevin Gaudet

It was a stupid idea in the first place and a ridiculous waste of money on an ongoing basis.

Kevin Gaudet
Federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation on the gun registry in Canada.
October 26, 2009
Gun registry battle rages
[If the Canadians can regain some of their freedom it will be a good sign for us and others all over the world. It provides more data that freedom doesn’t mean the sky is going to fall and it removes one more arrow from the quiver of the anti-freedom people that say things like (Wendy Cukier, president of the Coalition for Gun Control, from the same article):

Without information about who owns guns and the guns they own, there is no effective control. Internationally, most countries licensing gun owners and registering firearms are moving to strengthen controls. This would be a huge step backwards.

Please also note that she doesn’t say anything about making people safer–it’s about control.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Kevin Gaudet

  1. Please also note that she doesn’t say anything about making people safer–it’s about control.

    After a fashion, I consider that to be remarkably honest and forthright of her. If only more anti-rights advocates were as honest about their positions, we might actually have a common reality from which to begin our debates. As it is now, however… we do not.

  2. Actually if you read their words carefully you will notice that it is rare for them to actually say their proposed (or achieved) goals will make (or has made) anyone safer. They will strongly hint at it with such phrases as, “We need to make the children safer. Let’s make a law to prohibit guns in parks where there are likely to be children.” But it is rare for them to say, “If we make this law our children will be safer.” I think most of high level people know, at some level, making anti-gun laws does not improve safety.

    It was the odd wording of many of the anti-gun politicians and activists that inspired my Just One Question. I could tell they were trying to give a false impression through very careful word selection and use.

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