Quote of the day–Don B. Kates

The proven fact is that judges will move heaven and earth to uphold assault weapon bans. They will accept fallacious arguments that will justify not only those bans but bans against other guns which might be struck down except for the false precedent of assault weapon cases. Until assault weapon cases were brought, Colorado, Connecticut and Ohio had state constitutional right to keep and bear arms provisions. Now those provisions have been construed into nullities by courts determined to uphold assault weapon bans.

Don B. Kates
November 2009 issue of Handguns
The Power of Patience
[This article is very important advice on building upon the Heller decision from the ground up rather than jumping ahead to “assault weapons” or machine guns. Read it and remember it. When Kates talks about gun laws I listen.

See also other posts I have referring to Don Kates. Although it was Alan Gottlieb that first introduced me to the concept of anti-gun bigotry Don Kates used that meme before I heard it from Gottlieb.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Don B. Kates

  1. First thing is we need to STOP conceeding the nomenclature point to the hoplophobes. Unless we are talking about full auto military weaponry, the term “assault rifle” should be an anathma in gun circles.

  2. I wonder what happens first:
    1) Patience wins back our inalienable rights.
    2) The SHTF, and out of a bloody hell, we take them back
    I hope your optimism is justified, Joe.

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