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I think there are more than a few anti-rights advocates I will start referring to as “the woman with the earrings”.

September 18, 2009
uncannily appropriate
[You must read the rest of the post for the context–unless you remember the woman with the earrings at the party in the book Atlas Shrugged.

There is a reason the sales of this book skyrocketed last year.–Joe]


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  1. Sorry about link-spamming that… Just one of those phrases that deserves adequate explanation lest someone draw the wrong conclusions. At any rate, thanks for the linkage!

    I cannot say as though I am particularly enjoying Atlas Shrugged as a novel… in fact, I am not, at all. However, the uncannily-accurate predictions of the situation(s) we find ourselves in now are just amazing…

  2. No need to apologize about the multiple links. I thought it was entirely appropriate.

    I think the applicability of Atlas Shrugged to our present situation is what makes it so great a book. By putting her philosophy in a fictional setting she was able to exaggerate things to make her points more clear and as a novel it became accessible to a much larger audience.

  3. I have read Atlas Shrugged at least a dozen times (recently last fall – in preparation for the non-election: I didn’t have a horse in that race).

    It was required reading for a business class at, wait for it, a small Christian college I attended in the 70’s. It was the beginning of my shift to the conservative side (the thinking and moral side).

    The government cannot give what it has not first taken. This is my quick distillation of Rand. Her work is more than this, but it is this that I use with all the spend-a-holics.

    What do we call males who “just feel that it is wrong”?

  4. I feel that you guys are just icky, all this talk about evil guns. Eeuuwww.

    Seriously though, didn’t people say that Atlas Shrugged was accurate back when it was wrtten? How does that work? Is it more accurate now, or is it the type of description that’s always accurate??

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