Quote of the day–Robb Allen

Remember, sheep have two speeds – Grazing and stampede.

Robb Allen
September 1, 2009
Having one’s cake and eating it too
[Grass eaters. We are surrounded by them so we have to be careful not to excessively frighten them and cause us to get run over in the stampede. That doesn’t mean we can’t use a little bit of fear to herd them in the proper direction though. In our society the tricky part is coordinating the herding and even finding a suitable direction to herd them.–Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Robb Allen

  1. The other side used too much, showed too much of their game, hence the stampede to “Town Hall Meetings”. Oddly the sheep are becoming more wolf-like and further herding attempts by SEIU thugs aren’t working very well.

    They woke up a sleeping herd and are getting run over as the sheeple head to a modicum of freedom.

  2. I’ve been giving it a lot of thought, and I’ve come to the conclusion that this explicit characterization of “sheep” makes me about as wary of the firearm community’s actual intentions as it does when the leftists express the same sentiment implicitly.

    Sincerely, as someone who’s planning to get trained and start carrying very soon — and in spite of that insult, not because of it — you might want to give the derogatory name-calling some serious further thought. I don’t think it really accomplishes anything beyond the emotional gratification of the users and their demonstration of tribal identity to the rest of their association, and quite possibly interferes with the achievement of their supposedly larger goals. That’s not only been my observation of other activists, but my personal experience as well, BTW.

    Treating others better and paying attention to their reactions is not always about an insecure beta need to be liked. Sometimes it’s about demonstrating a certain amount of alpha integrity through adhering to standards of respect and courtesy.

    I usually try not to tell other activists how to go about their business, because the payoff is so often negligible, but in this case I’m really seeing mostly downside and virtually no upside to denigrating the common mass of people among whom I think we would all like to see an increase in gun owners.

    The old saying is about honey and vinegar is true, and I think deep down most of us do know why we pour the vinegar instead, and that it’s not to engage and attract the uninformed and undecided.

    It’s about our own personal feelings, and we do it in spite of our desire to engage and attract them, not because of that.

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