Quote of the day–Roberta X.

I’ll bet you thought you lived in the United States of the Framer’s dreams, didn’t you? …As long as you bear in mind that “nightmares” is a subset of “dreams,” you’re right, too.

There’s not a current or former Congresscritter, except maybe Ron Paul, who ought not be brought up on charges of treason and/or offenses against persons, be given a perfectly fair trial and be imprisoned for life at the very least. The Executive branch is equally culpable. Not gonna happen but hey, a gal can still dream, right? They haven’t made that a Thoughtcrime yet, have they? Have they?

Roberta X.
August 12, 2009
James Madison Calling
[Read the Madison quote in her post for context.

I don’t know if Roberta independently arrived at the same conclusion but I’ve suggested the treason idea before too. Great minds think alike, we share the same delusion, or something.–Joe]


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