Good thing nationwide concealed carry failed

Apparently Paul Hemke is saying the defeat of the Thune Amendment helped prevent the Pittsburg shooting from being even worse:

Two weeks ago, gun violence prevention organizations helped defeat a bill in Congress that would have allowed this killer to carry his loaded weapon almost anywhere in the country.

Sooo… this killer was prevented from carrying his loaded weapon in other states because concealed carry license aren’t universally recognized, but he wasn’t prevented from murdering and wounding the women in Pittsburg by the laws against murder and assault?

Got it. I’m so glad Helmke told us that because I would have never been able to come to that conclusion on my own.


12 thoughts on “Good thing nationwide concealed carry failed

  1. I always like the logical gymnastics that some people contort themselves through. Sometimes my brain needs a rest just trying to process it.

    BTW, you like to comment that homicides and suicides should be separated from legitimate gun uses. I did that for Linoge’s graphic at my blog here. Hope you enjoy!

  2. Does Paul know that LA Fitness has a “no weapons” policy? Maybe Paul should look into how the shooter managed to break this membership rule…

  3. “Crap for brains,” and “a stain on humanity.” You guys are something else.

    I think Paul Helmke is an intelligent educated man who is working hard and trying his best to make America a better place. What are you guys doing? Blocking and mocking, that’s what I see, all in the name of your “freedom” and your “rights.” Meanwhile, the American gun violence is an international disgrace. Great job, guys.

  4. OK mikeb, and all those civilized countries violent crime rates are a disgrace. Glad we don’t have the same violent rate as our neighbors across the pond. Maybe because our criminals are too thuggish to realize that the Queen’s Rules of Crime dictate you should only use knifes and baseball bats to attack people.

  5. Careful MikeB, you’re going to wear out those kneepads awfully quick if you keep making posts like that.

    We’re ‘mocking’ because Helmke’s claim is completely nonsensical and disingenuous. I’m sure he knows it, what about you?

  6. Paul Helmke may be educated but because of some of the things he says it’s very, very clear he is either not intelligent at all or believes his listeners are not.

    It’s possible Helmke has good intentions. But if that is true then it is further confirmation that he isn’t very bright because the evidence so clearly shows his efforts do not improve the public good.

    So, if he is intelligent then he thinks the general public is stupid and he doesn’t not have the public interest at heart. Or the alternative is that he isn’t very smart. In either case he deserves to be mocked as long as he holds his current job. If he were a janitor, washroom attendant, or Wal-Mart greeter I would give him a lot more respect because then I could believe he was doing his best to make America a better place.

  7. Well, the PA concealed carry permit is already good in 22 other states plus the two that don’t require permits at all. So a PA permit is good for half of the country already.

  8. MikeB – Paul Helmke might be “educated” but what he said here is 100% bullshit. His statement demonstrates he’s incapable of being intellectually honest, rational, or logical.

    Given his comment the label “Crap for Brains” is an apt characterization.

  9. If this argument was put forward by one of the Freshman logic students I TA’d for, I would have a hard time stopping at just giving them a failing grade. As contrary as it is to my principles, I’m starting to believe that thinking this illogical should hurt. Forget giving tasers to the cops, let’s give them to teachers of logic. A few good jolts, and by God you will start avoiding fallacious thinking.

    As for this, though? This line of reasoning is so bad that I’m not even sure that “fallacy” does it justice. It’s a truly bizarre brand of reification that makes one think that laws of justice are, like laws of nature, inviolable. To think that the current law prevents concealed carry across borders indicates a mind so far down the Statist rabbit trail, that I’m afraid he might not ever find his way back.

    Laws of Justice do not prevent. They only punish. To think otherwise is to equate laws of man with the laws of nature, and by extension to equate the human authors of judicial law with the Author of natural law.

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is sick.

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