Quote of the day–Kevin Baker

You, Mr. Rubin, are fertilizing that weed with the manure you published in your “irrefutable” column.

Kevin Baker
July 20, 2009
Refuting the “Irrefutable”
[Kevin also uses the word “bigot” three times in his post which made me smile a great deal because Kevin listened to my little speech about that a few years ago.

Closely related is that for todays QOTD I was quite tempted by Robb Allen who said, “The other side has emotional appeals, a complete lack of facts to back up their assertions, and an appalling lack of apostrophes. We have Kevin Baker.”–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Kevin Baker

  1. Talk about using a 20 pound sledge to hit a 10 penny nail! That’s what the bigots need though. They don’t seem to get it otherwise.

  2. I thought you’d appreciate the “bigot” language. I hope(if he bothered to read that far) that it stung him a little.

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