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Why do pro-gun folks refuse to accept obvious facts like these? Couldn’t they accept this data and still maintain their position on the 2nd Amendment? Why is it necessary to also deny the obvious? More guns means more gun deaths.

May 18, 2009
Gun Availability
[In answer to his questions–it’s because the “facts” he quotes ignores certain data points, such as Washington D.C. and Chicago, and because they are only measuring “gun deaths”. Justified (and praiseworthy) homicide are included and murder rate and violent crime rates are ignored.

It’s an anti-gun blog with open comments. I wonder how long that will last…–Joe]


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  1. +1 you just happened to stop by on a day when he’s in the hospital so he left his comments open. Wouldn’t suprise me if several comments disapear after he makes his next post.

    Also as I said to you on his place, I once posed your one question to him.

    His answer: “Yes” and then didn’t comment in that thread ever again.

    Reality and him are not on speaking terms.

  2. “Reality and him are not on speaking terms.”

    Yeah pretty much. A few of us have been commenting on his blog for a while now. He’s typical. Avoid, Deflect, Project and Accuse. That’s pretty much what he does.

  3. Joe, Sorry it took me so long to get over here to thank you for the mention.

    I’m glad you said that “violent crime rates are ignored.” I often hear stuff about the violent criminal who would kill with a stick if there were no gun around. I never really accepted that one. And I realize there are many knife crimes and strangulations and other nice behaviours that go unmentioned by me. I don’t know what kind of criticism that is really. I like talking about guns – not unlike yourself.

    But, the reason I’m glad you mentioned it is because it reminded me of the fact that there are many many less than lethal gun attacks which are not picked up in the usual stats. Sometimes we argue about whether we should include suicides and accidents in the numbers, I say yes of course, but what about the spinal chord injuries, what about the folks who get a bullet in the brain and don’t die from it?

    Bottom line, Joe, guns are bad news, not specifically in your hand necessarily, but generally speaking, guns in America are a plague and you and all you friends seem intent on making it worse.

  4. If you think guns “are a plague” then you shouldn’t have any problem answering Just One Question. Let me know when you do and we can talk some more.

    Go ahead and include less than lethal gun shot wounds. Heck, even include gun use in crimes where there were no shots fired! Just be sure to compare against defensive uses of guns where there were no injuries or shots fired as well.

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