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One of the first things I learned as a prosecutor is that ethics required me to seek justice, not merely convictions. The actions of the prosecutor in this case plainly violate that rule. It is because of unethical violations like this that I finally resigned from the bar in disgust.

May 13, 2009
US prosecutor admits error, hopes for 2d chance
[The prosecutor admitted the “error” of withholding evidence from the defense attorney but the judge says the entire Boston office has a “dismal history of intentional and inadvertent violations”. In my fight with PNNL my ignorant belief that lawyers would behave ethically was quickly smashed. Even my lawyer, with over a decade of law practice, was surprised at some of the stuff they did. In the Weaver/Harris case the prosecutors withheld and tampered with evidence and the jurors believed they destroyed evidence. This is in addition to telling Weaver the court date was a month later than it was actually scheduled. But they were caught at least twice in that case and the defendants were found not guilty. Who knows how many times they got away with it in that case and others? We know that a tremendous amount of evidence was deliberately destroyed in the Waco case. David has more comments on the Boston case and other examples of prosecutor misconduct. And I, like him, will now shut up before I say something I would regret.–Joe]


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  1. My dad told me when I was about 11 the way prosecutors think.
    “It takes a good prosecutor to convict a guilty man, it takes a great one to convict an innocent one.”

    I must say initially I thought it was an exaggeration and the look I gave my father told him I thought it so. Then I learned about Ruby Ridge, the comment I delivered to my father gave him a smile. After my run in with the legal system it appears to have just gotten worse. That was when I lost what remaining faith I had left in the system. I was already independent and self reliant, it was then I realized they’d do anything to prevent it and stop it.

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