Is that what you call it?

From the New York Times:

Two weeks ago, Mr. Schumer, a prominent gun control advocate, invited Ms. Gillibrand to a news conference in Manhattan to unveil a gun control plan.

When it was her turn to speak, Ms. Gillibrand faced skepticism, given her past support for gun owners’ rights. “How much of this is political expediency?” one reporter asked.

Eventually, Mr. Schumer, stepped in, saying he, too, made adjustments when he went from a House seat to the Senate. “When you start representing a new area, you learn, you meet other people and you grow,” he explained.

Then the news conference came to an end and the two senators strolled off to lunch.

Would you call it “growth” if a defender of equal rights for blacks started praising George Wallace’s segregation policies? For Gillibrand to support a gun control plan and “stroll off to lunch” with Schumer is like a NAACP supporter going to lunch with David Duke. Gillibrand is just another politician without principles.


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  1. It’s new york, and she’s a democrap. You expected something else?

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