Quote of the day–Clayton Cramer

It is astonishing how poorly researched this brief is–perhaps competent gun control advocate lawyers realized how hopeless the task was, and decided to put their energies into briefs for cases easier to win, such as repealing the law of gravity.

Clayton Cramer
May 5, 2009
Embarrassingly Bad Amicus Brief in the Chicago Case
[See also Dave Hardy’s take on it.–Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day–Clayton Cramer

  1. Nice quote. and it should be true. However we are dealing here with a corrupt judicial system and victory for liberty and the constitution, no matter how well the case is presented may just not be possible.

    Remember, these judges share a lot of educational, commercial, courtroom experiences with the same people who decided Kelo v. New London.

    We know we are right. We know no honest appraisal of the case, the law, and the constitution can lead to a loss for our side. The keyword, however, is “honest”. We have seen more and more indefensible rulings by our courts for a long period of years. So, the real question here is, “Are these jurists already owned, or are they still open for bribes, uh excuse me, I meant ‘enhanced career opportunities’.

    It seems there are a few men not for sale, but they appear to be damn rare, and in politics and the halls of justice only manifestations of some mythical creature no one can remember ever meeting.

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