Yes, they are that stupid

About a month ago when I posted about how stupid one anti-gun bigot was some people wondered if maybe it was a rhetorical question or a clever tactic.

There is more evidence to indicate that some of them really are that stupid:

The Tennessee legislation is about loaded long guns inside of motor vehicles. The Alabama shooter was driving around in a motor vehicle with loaded long guns (plus a handgun). In addition to the five relatives he killed, he killed five innocent bystanders — three of whom were going about their business on the sides of public streets. The shooter shot and killed them from his vehicle. If the guns had not been loaded, he would have had to stop and load them. There is a slight chance that three people might have noticed what he was doing and had time to flee — or as Rep. Fincher suggests, shoot him before he shot anyone else.


7 thoughts on “Yes, they are that stupid

  1. They might have noticed him stopping to load the rifle… If it had been a muzzle loader.

  2. I was honestly amazed that someone would actually go on the record saying something that inordinately stupid… worse, he probably honestly believes that is the case, and does not realize how patently idiotic his position is.

  3. Hey stupid, if cars were outlawed he wouldn’t have gotton so far either.

  4. Heh..

    Lemme understand this.

    The fellow didn’t obey the law against murder, but niceties of gun law he would have obeyed?

    Like Jackie Mason says, “Why don’t you outlaw knives, baseball bats, chairs, automobiles, hands??!!??”


  5. The perpetrator won’t obey a law against murder, but he will politely obey all gun laws. Yeah sure, I can see that. Oh; and have I told you all about the monkeys regularly flying out of my butt?

    Wait; that was a comedy piece, right?

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