Quote of the day–Crotalus

If guns are an extension of a man’s penis, does that mean that men who support gun control secretly want to have vaginas?

January 23, 4:24 PM
In the comments to For the children…
[I had planned to never knowingly use the same QOTD as any other blogger within a month of them. Because this is such a good quote and such a good refutation of that tired attempt to derail a factual debate I am making an exception. H/T to SayUncle and Firehand.–Joe]

2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Crotalus

  1. What about women who have guns? Is the gun an extension of her breasts, or is it an extension of some other psrt of the reproductive system? We’ll have to ask some leftists. Only they know.

    This is common juvenile behavior. If juveniles don’t like someone, they often call that person’s sexuality into question. I recall seeing a comment on a left-wing blog somewhere, calling Michelle Malkin “sandpaper cunt” (never mind that Malkin is married, she’s smokin’ hot, and has kids). She also frequently has racial slurs made against her. One of them was referring to a supporter of hers as a “gook lover”. Same sort of thing. It’s similar to calling your adversary’s mother into question when you’re losing a debate; “Oh yeah? Well your mother wears Army boots!” Argumentum ad hominem at the base level.

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