Quote of the day–Michael Gaddy

Americans are purchasing firearms and ammunition in record numbers, not because they believe 2009 will offer unusually good duck hunting, but because they fear the fallout from the coming economic storm and the state’s reaction to that fallout.

Michael Gaddy
Buy, Buy, Buy
January 5, 2008
[H/T to Say Uncle for the pointer. There will be more QOTDs from this piece over the next few weeks and months.–Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Michael Gaddy

  1. “…they fear the fallout from the coming economic storm and the state’s reaction to that fallout.”

    I’ve spoken with hundreds of people directly, who gave me the reasons they were getting “election guns”. No one has said a word about the economy or any possible state reaction to the fallout from the economy. Each and every one, without exception, said they were getting a nice EBR before the in-coming administration starts piling on more legal infringements. Same thing happened diring the Clinton admin.

    Sorry, but a zero point five percent drop in the economy isn’t the huge motivator some people would like us to think. If you work for Ford, sure, because it’s a 30 percent drop, and if you bought a house at double its real market value thinking you’d flip it at a profit to some other idiot, you’re screwed, but the general economy isn’t failing and people aren’t knawing their fingernails over it. Personally, my only worry is what socialist crap the government is up to next. That’s the uncertainty.

  2. “because they fear the fallout from the coming economic storm”

    Actually I fear the dissappointed masses, who voted for Obama and undefined hope and change. They are hoping for my change and I am not of a mind to give it to them.

    If the barbarians show up at my gate…

  3. There is a guy here at work that started buying guns because of his concern over the economics. I think he actually voted for Obama but bought his first guns within the last couple of months.

    I’m not so sure the economics aren’t going to be much bigger than many people realize. There are rumors that Microsoft may have some layoffs soon. I’ve never heard of that happening before.

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