Quote of the day–Ride Fast

Why some choose to disarm in the face of a violent enemy is easily explained. Insanity. It’s really no different than fighting a fire by throwing away an extinguisher. Or treating an infection with a Chinese fire drill. It does look like they’re doing something, but I call it surrender.

There are times when negotiation is pointless and accommodation is only seen as weakness. Open carry of legally owned arms would go a long way toward throttling a criminal at the “thinking about it” stage of a violent crime.

Why the good people of Scotland and California continue to elect cowards that codify their fear into law is beyond me.

Ride Fast
December 2, 2008
Gun Control in Scotland
[My outrage is not easily translated into words and probably would be incriminating as well. I think I’m sexist because seeing injured females creates a visceral reaction unmatched by similar injuries to men. And you really don’t want to know what I’m thinking right now.–Joe]


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  1. I know exactly what you’re thinking right now. I don’t call it sexist. I call it honorable.

  2. It has taken me several moments to calm down enough to comment in a thoughtfull manner. First, what a beautiful woman, her ordeal in no way detracts from her beauty. I only hope she overcomes the damage that could possibly could have be done to her psyche. As to the piece of SHIT, that did this to her. Well my blood is begining to boil again and I have a very small COLD place in my heart for him. I will not speak as to what my thoughts are for such a person, but know this, he would pray to Jesus, LONG and LOUD

  3. “I think I’m sexist because seeing injured females creates a visceral reaction unmatched by similar injuries to men.”

    Your not sexist, Joe. We’re not ageist. My reaction to seeing an injured child is unmatched by seeing the same wounds to an adult. That’s why we’re here, it’s our job as men.

  4. You’re right, I probably don’t want to know what you’re thinking right now. It’s probably too close to what I’m thinking, and since neither of us uses pseudonyms, should remain unwritten.

  5. Over here in the UK we have just been through the horrors of ‘Baby P’. A three year old tortured to death for pleasure. Every time I see a picture of the poor little lad I want to take the people that did it and slice little bits of them away, a slice a day, until they die. Baby P won’t get justice here in the UK. It’s too full of namby pampy socialist scum that will make excuses for something like this. One will go to jail for life the others will be out in a few years.

    It makes me despair for ‘civilised society’. It’ll get worse until it explodes and then it gets better. Blood will be spilt. I think we as a society are finished. It’s hard to believe that it was decades ago we were at the height of our society. The morals required to strive and do what is right seem to be missing from this generation. All because we allow namby pamby people to pass their views on to impressionable children.

  6. I am going to go home, embrace my wife, and thank God that she can carry a pistol.

    Then a donation to the NRA might be in order.

  7. Back in the eighties, I attended an Anglo-Catholic church in Atlanta. One of the congregants was a young woman who had been accosted at a MARTA station by someone trying to steal her handbag. When she refused to give it up, the criminal sliced up her face with a straight razor. Sharp weapon, clean cuts, soon treated. Still, though, it had a creepy effect on me when I looked at her. We don’t expect that kind of stuff. Like it or not, women get by on their looks. This is why bad people do that kind of thing, I reckon

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