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President-elect Obama, I wish you all good fortune as you embark on your Presidential career. I suspect that you will come to realize (if you haven’t already) that Socialism and Communism don’t work, that we can’t tax our way into prosperity, and that punishing motivated people who succeed on their own by forcing them to support those with little or no ambition is a recipe for disaster. If you don’t figure those things out, that’s okay too. We might have to wait for the midterm elections of 2010, but one way or another, because of you, the nightmare of Socialism will finally be over for America.

John Ross
November 8, 2008
Hallelujah! The Nightmare Is Over!, or Thank You, Mr. Obama, for Putting So Many Bad Things Behind Us
[If it were only so easy. Maybe he’s right. But Barb tells me I always optimistic and I’m not optimistic in our present situation. Is this the way it has ever been? People elect a socialist to the top spot, he or she takes the country down the toilet and everyone realizes it was a terrible mistake and becomes capitalistic overnight (two years)? Show me an example where that has been the case and maybe I can be optimistic again.–Joe]


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  1. I hear that same argument from all sorts of people.

    How long did the soviet union last? That was single party rule as well. All a .gov needs is a scapegoat to pin peoples problems on and a decent propaganda arm to push the narrative. And there will ALWAYS be a new scapegoat.

    Hell, they can blame dubya for the next 8 years.

  2. They’ll blame Dubya, the greedy capitalists, the “lack of regulation”, “overpopulation”, the “need” to “save the planet”, and anything else that springs to mind.

    We’ve never gotten over FDR and the New Deal. He had three terms. That was what, 68+ years ago? Bush 41 and Bush 43 carried on the FDR legacy to some extent throughout their time in office, and Bush 43 (and McCain) just signed on to the biggest single, one-shot heist in human history. Now we’re poised for the New, New Deal.

    I can think of one recent example of an authoritarian gov being overthrown and replaced by a much more libertarian one– the American Revolution. Since then, America has been instrumental in stopping the world domination of the Imperial Japs, the Nazis, the Chinese Cultural Revolution and the Soviets, to name a few, and now She’s working on stopping the latest version of jihad (which seems open to the idea of collusion with socialist powers around the globe). Now Israel is comtemplating a retreat to Her ’67 borders in exchange for “Peace”.

    There are countless examples of authoritarian govs being replaced by equally bad ones, or by worse ones. If history is our guide, things don’t bode well for America. If the U.S. ever stops being a super power, as some have openly stated is their goal, who will stop the next totalitarian domination movement? Canada?

  3. I see this whole thing as priming the pump for Hillary in 2012. She got Obie to stack the white house with all her friends, and she’s practically a shoe-in for Secretary of State. In four years that will give her the precious foreign policy experience cred she needs.

    Obie managed to get elected because huge numbers of people of all ages and colors (but especially the young and the black) because they wanted for us to have a black president. Now that we’ve got one, his support will weaken enough that he wouldn’t get reelected.

    In steps Hillary to save the day. She’ll get the Dem nomination, especially since so much of their selection process for the nomination is just that- a selection as opposed to an election- and there will be a repeat of the big turnout by people wanting us to have a woman president.

    It will be interesting, to say the least.

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