Did he really say that?

From a random link I clicked on:

One moment struck me as particularly unfortunate for McCain: When Tom Brokaw asked whether health care was a privilege, a responsibility or a right. McCain said it was a responsibility, but left unclear whose responsibility it might be. Obama said he believed it should be a right…

Did Obama really say health care should be a right?

Wow! And I thought he was supposed to be a constitutional scholar. Anyone that passed their high school government class should give Obama a failing grade for even being on the city council or the local school board for getting that one item so wrong. As a U.S. Senator he should be tried for attempted treason.


2 thoughts on “Did he really say that?

  1. Health care is a right the same as guns are a right. You have the right to provide it, or to purchase it as you are able, and government should have no role in the matter except as protector of your rights.

    I know that wasn’t the framework of the question however. Honestly put, the question would have been, “Do you believe free healthcare, paid by someone else under threats from the government, is your right?”

    But liberty isn’t even on the table for discussion in this election. How can we be bothered with such abstractions as liberty when we’re worried about the crisis-of-the-day, and who is going to take care of us and keep us all safe, happy and warm?

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