Quote of the day–Jacob Sullivan

What will Obama cling to when voters question his commitment to the Second Amendment?

Jacob Sullivan
September 23, 2008
Revenge of the Bitter Gun Owners
[Obama pissed off the wrong people with his “clinging” remark. Gun owners are probably more inclined than any other group to be one issue voters. And what is incredibly telling to me is that Obama could neutralize all the skepticism of his “support for the Second Amendment” by saying he as President would veto any anti-gun legislation that came to his desk. He could easily win the election by continuing his current plan and then repeatedly and convincingly saying that one sentence. But he hasn’t. He wants to cling to the possibility of further restricting our civil rights.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Jacob Sullivan

  1. I would never have been described as a one issue voter in any past election I have voted. I am this time however. The issue is just that important to the nations future freedoms.

    After gun confication, property/property rights are next.

  2. I suspect there are a lot of one-issue voters out there. Our issue is liberty, but we have no one to vote for who shares our concern. Instead we’re faced with a disgusting choice of various evils at each election. Evil, socialist Democrats and the perpetually confused, deer-in-the-headlights Republicans who want nothing more than to get along with them. How does that lyric go; “It’s a sad, sad situation, and it’s getting more and more absurd…”

    I know a few women who will vote for who ever it is they believe will defend the status quo regarding Roe v. Wade. No matter what. They’re far more “extreme” with their issue than any gun owner I know.

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