What’s So Great About America?

At this time– this very day when Congress is plotting the final stroke in yet another, years-in-the-making, offensive against capitalism, Bill whittle has brought our attention to his doctorate level thesis on American exceptionalism.  It’s called, Trinity (part 1).

If you believe, as I do, that wealth can be manufactured out of thin air, then there is no limit to the amount of wealth you can amass. And since you are creating it out of thin air, there is no moral onus on making money – you work hard to create it and have stolen from no one. There is an expression for this: you earned it.

Indeed, since charity depends on excess wealth, excess capacity, the more you make for yourself the better off everyone else is. You can even throw charity out the window if you are so hard-hearted; the fact remains that you will spend that money to get the things you want, and the more you have the more you can spend. That money goes to other people. This interchange is called “the economy”, and rich societies are rich because they understand in their bones the centerpiece of Capitalist thinking: Wealth can be created from thin air by human ingenuity and hard work.

Now people on the left have, in their guts, a revulsion towards the rich and the wealthy, because whenever they see wealth they naturally assume that it was stolen…

So true, Doctor Whittle.

If any of you haven’t read Bill’s piece, you’ve missed out.  We know at least 99% of politicians have never read anything like it.  Either that or they were unable to understand it and wandered off to catch happy hour down at the watering hole.  Certainly nothing like this is being presented within our public schools.  Ever.

Well, now’s your chance.  It’ll take some time, but you’ll thank Bill for it, I guarantee.

For you lefties out there; don’t bother.  Something like a curse in a foreign language, you won’t understand it but it will upset the hell out of you all the same.  Like when certain people ask me how to do something and I say, with total sincerity, “I’m sure you can figure it out.”  Curse in a foreign language.


2 thoughts on “What’s So Great About America?

  1. Go after them hell. Get rid of them. There’s this little-known concept that has proven superior to any and all “regulation”. It’s known as capitalism, and it works every time it’s tried. The problem is it doesn’t do anything for members of Congress as it leaves them out of the loop.

    This is an example of McCain actually wanting to put that lipstick on a pig we’ve heard about so much. You can dress up an FDR-style socialist program all you want, add new layers of bureauocracy, add thousands of pages of new rules, etc., and it’s still a big fat ugly stinking pig that never should have existed in the first place.

    Obama of course wants all the FDR socialism he can get. It’s never enough for the left. You can give them everything they ask for, and next week they’ll be demanding more, to fix the same problems they said would be fixed with last week’s legislation.

    It’s time to get beyond the era of FDR. Roll it back, undo it, and make sure it never returns.

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