Wheelbarrows full of cash

The Apex of The Triangle of Death just sent me another wheelbarrow full of cash to tell everyone about their new website–Gun Ban Obama. This is your one stop site for information on how anti-gun Obama really is. Lots of quotes and other material that leave no doubt as to his true colors.

That wheelbarrow of cash sitting in my vault reminds me of something I forgot to report on. Last Wednesday I had breakfast with Pepper Petersen, “Advancement Officer”, from the NRA. He is one of the people that collects the truckloads of cash so others can distribute it in wheelbarrows. We had breakfast in the Microsoft cafeteria and after telling me, “I never ask for money on the first date”, we talked about Boomershoot quite a bit as well as various other Microsoft gun people we both knew. He may make an appearance at the Gun Blogger portion of Boomershoot 2009 and help make reactive targets as well as trying to connect with some long range targets on Sunday. He and his wife have a baby due about the same time so it’s a little bit iffy at this point.


3 thoughts on “Wheelbarrows full of cash

  1. Are there really any fence-sitters in the gun-owner demographic? If so, where are these two people? I want to meet them.

  2. Don’t think we don’t see what’s going on here, Mr. Huffman.

    High explosives. Black Ops training at Blackwater. And now the NRA-Microsoft connection.

    Oh, we’re on to you.


  3. The next time the Department of Justice decides to take a swing at Microsoft it won’t just be lawyers and lobbyists that get sent to Washington. 😉

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