The law is the law but its still stupid

I reported on this once before and I thought you might like to know another brick is being placed in the wall of their prison.

It probably makes no sense to you and certainly not to me and the punishment is equivalent to what some people in this country sometimes get for killing someone. But the law is the law. So…

But the pair, who as part of their bail conditions are unable to leave Dubai, have been charged with three offences which could mean a maximum sentence of six years in prison if found guilty.

The triple charges are indecent behaviour, having unmarried sex and having consumed alcohol.

Probably 99% of the people in this country would shake their heads and wonder how in the world could such a thing happen. How backward these people are to so severely punish something that in most parts of the world, if punished at all, would only merit a small fine. But things aren’t really so different here.

Here I can buy hollow point bullets by the thousands for a few pennies each and have them delivered to my door and no one will blink and eye or care. I can make hollow point ammunition in my garage by the thousands without a problem. But in New Jersey dealers are required to keep detailed records on the sale of them and if you have just one at the wrong time and wrong place, even without a gun to shoot it in, and you could go to jail.

Sure the law is the law and legislatures have the legal power to make stupid laws. That doesn’t mean it isn’t oppressive and shouldn’t be repealed. It’s just that many people don’t realize it and/or don’t care to do anything about it. The “beach sex” case in Dubai gives us an opportunity to make parallels to the oppressive nature of many laws in our country as well.