Six years jail for sex on the beach

Some countries take their prohibitions against sexual freedom very seriously. In some places you could get up to six years in jail for having sex with someone not your spouse in a public place:

A British businesswoman is facing up to six years in a Dubai jail after she was allegedly caught having sex on a beach.

Michelle Palmer, 30, was arrested on 5 July, along with another Briton believed to be a male tourist.

The Foreign Office confirmed that two British nationals had been arrested and the case was under investigation.

The Sun newspaper said Ms Palmer had been charged with having sex outside marriage, indecent behaviour in public and being drunk in public.

If you want to partake in Dr. Joe’s cure for everything I suggest checking the local laws first. Getting your daily dose in prison might not be as healthy or as pleasant as the stuff you get on the outside.


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  1. Oh, I dunno, from my Intarwebz time-wasting, I believe there are some folks who might get a charge out of playing “Lawrence and the Six Turks.”
    As Lawrence.

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