Ignorant bigot Rebecca Peters


According to Peters–the head of the organization which the U.N. says represents “civil society” on gun issues, all handguns should be banned, as should all rifles capable of firing 100 meters, as should the defensive ownership of any gun.

The only “rifles” which aren’t capable of firing 100 meters are those that fire plastic suction cups or Nerf “bullets”.


2 thoughts on “Ignorant bigot Rebecca Peters

  1. That doesn’t mean she’s ignorant… She knows exactly what she’s talking about, and she knows that she’s a big frickin’ liar too. Its scary what kind of “logical sounding” nonsense idiots like her manage to dream up.

  2. I hereby volunteer all UN member nations that support such an unrealistic and bigoted view to get the ball rolling by applying those rules to all of their government employees, contractors, military, police, and politicians.

    Anything less would be “uncivilized”.

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