Quote of the day–Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence

Anthrax is not the only terrorist weapon sent through the mail. Congress must close the loophole that allows gun makers to evade federal regulation and sell untraceable assault weapon kits that terrorists and other criminals can purchase by mail and assemble at home. An assault weapon without a serial number is a terrorist’s dream.

Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence
Guns and Terror
Copyright 2001
[They are either ignorant or lying. The receiver of the gun (the part with the serial number) cannot be mail ordered and delivered to your doorstep. It must always be transferred to the retail customer though a face-to-face transaction with a FFL who does a background check. Even if it were possible what difference would that make to the terrorists we face? How would a gun without a serial number benefit them? And what sort of law do they think will prevent a terrorist from removing the serial number from guns that do have serial numbers? As near as I can tell these people either have crap for brains or they think everyone they talk to does. They dance in blood wherever they can find it and urge others to splash themselves with blood and participate in their delusions and perverse obsession with the destruction of liberty. They use whatever means will get traction no matter how misleading, deceptive, or useless to their implied goal of building a safer society.–Joe]