The DC Government’s Worst Fear

..and the worst fear of anti-gun bigots nationwide now that Heller has been upheld, is that DC’s violent crime rates will start to drop.  What could be worse for the anti-gun movement than a noticeable drop in crime after a gun ban is overthrown?

Expect them to do anything within their power to prevent such an outcome, hide it, redefine it, or try to take credit for it somehow.  Keep a sharp eye.


6 thoughts on “The DC Government’s Worst Fear

  1. I fully expect to see every newscast to start out with a blaring headline every time a gangbanger shoots a fellow thug: “Innocent children gunned down thanks to the NRA and the Right Wing Activist Supreme Court!!!”

    Of course a homeowner shooting an intruder or a women shooting her would-be rapist are stories with NO legs at all. Why even mention them?

    Business as usual.

  2. If they are who I think they are, they’ll keep all possibilities (prevent, hide, redefine, take credit) in their arsenal, and apply them as needed, taking credit being the last resort.

  3. Of course, I am the bastard who would think that the anti-gun groups might try and do something a little more… active… to ensure that the crime rate in DC remains high, or at least continually on the news.

  4. In the mid-90’s what Janet Reno did in similar circumstances is she came down hard on the law enforcement in the area demanding they make sure they reported all the crimes. She claimed they had been fudging their crime report numbers to the FBI in the past.

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