Another reason to celebrate this day

Today daughter Kim received her concealed weapons permit (as they are called in Idaho). She called me up a couple minutes after getting the mail and was so excited I could barely understand her.

Don’t mess with my daughter:


5 thoughts on “Another reason to celebrate this day

  1. As a father, you must be immensely proud. Does she have a nice carry piece yet?

  2. She has a Firestar in 9mm with a Kramer IWB holster. But I’m not sure that is going to be optimal for her. We’ll have to explore that a little bit.

    As Sean pointed out to me in IM last night, “Opens up whole new vistas for Christmas and birthday presents.”

  3. “Don’t mess with Kim…”? Kim might worry me, but her dad (and his toys) would concern me the most! 😉

    Congrats to you and Kim for the new CWP in the family!

    Phil (not messin’ with Kim) Murray

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