Quote of the day–John K. Nolan

As Illinois is one of the last two states to prohibit the carrying of concealed guns, it should be the first to proudly enact the law prohibiting the ownership and carrying of concealed knives.

Knife owners who are allowed to own them, must be required to carry KOID (Knife Owner Identification) licenses. To ensure knives are being sold to responsible owners, there should be a five-day waiting period for background checks.

Knife owners must attend mandatory knife training classes to ensure the proper use of knives and understand the potential harm caused by the unknowledgeable knife owner.

When transporting knives, owners must secure them in a secure case in the vehicle’s trunk.

John K. Nolan
April 5, 2008
A cutting satire on gun control
[It’s pretty good satire. It’s not up to the VPC Blog level. But it’s not bad. Of course the above fairly accurately describes the current situation in the U.K. so the satire aspect will probably be missed by some.–Joe]