Into the bit bucket

Every once in a while I try posting a comment to Bryan Miller’s blog. About two thirds of the time the comment does not appear. The following are my last two failed attempts.

This was in response to The Supremes and the 2nd Amendment:

It’s also very instructive the Bryan does not answer any questions or engage the people that comment here. He merely makes his pronouncements and ignores the refutations of his claims. If he were to engage what I have found most useful in dealing with his type is to insist they answer Just One Question: “Can you demonstrate one time or place, throughout all history, where the average person was made safer by restricting access to handheld weapons?” I’ve been pushing this question for years without anyone being able to give a coherent answer they have been able to defend.

This was in response to Pennsylvania’s murderous burden on New Jersey:

Or maybe the criminologist and sociologists who study criminals. Claims that restrictions on firearms make people safer are without a factual basis. If they did you would expect to see some benefit from Washington D.C.’s ban. But you don’t. Even broader studies of less severe restrictions have been unable to find benefits.

So with so many “experiments” done with firearms restrictions with, at best, nothing to show for it in terms of public safety, what is your real reason for advocating such restrictions?

JadeGold, I’m not rotund, don’t own a LaZBoy or similar type chair, haven’t had a CheetoTM in months, and have never seen Red Dawn. Perhaps you were engaging in some projection.

The JadeGold comment I was responding to appears to have been deleted.

Update: The first comment above did ultimately appear. I had refreshed the page several times without seeing but I went back after seeing the comment from Rob (below) and it now shows up. Also, I updated my comment to make it coherent. [blush]


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  1. Joe, the blogging software makes it look like that happens. Quite often you can just navigate someplace else then come back and your comment will be there.

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