New ammunition supplier

Their website just went live today: FOS Ammunition.

They have .45 ACP, .40 S&W, and .223. They are IPSC shooters and are targeting other IPSC shooters with their offerings.

These are a couple of my shooting buddies so don’t expect me to give them unbiased reviews.


7 thoughts on “New ammunition supplier

  1. wow, the site is totally broken under Firefox. I don’t mean “has minor rendering errors that make it less attractive”.

  2. It was built with MS Office, and claims to be HTML 4.1. Not sure how Office managed to mess up a simple href tag, but here’s the actual link to the store:


  3. What’s interesting is that the href tag is broken by a carriage return. Been a long time since I looked into the gory details of HTML, but IIRC a return character should be treated as whitespace, so A^MHREF is no different from A HREF. Or I could be completely wrong. The mailto link looks correct by itself. Still doesn’t work as a link — maybe just overwhelmed by cruft?

    But, just viewing the HTML source reveals why one shouldn’t use Word to produce HTML. (To be fair, last time I looked at the source on HTML produced by, it sucked too.)

    Perhaps, Joe, since they’re friends of yours, they’ll listen to a bit of advice from you?

  4. They told me they use Microsoft Publisher. With all the handholding they required to get the pages uploaded and the poor results I think I can make a pretty good case for them to get something else.

    I’ve told them they have problems. I’ll work with them to try and get the problems fixed.

    Thanks everyone.

  5. And thank you, Joe. I’m sure you have more patience than I for that sort of stuff (though I’ve done a bit of it too).

    I was at the library today, so had a chance to look at the site using IE. Quite the difference.

    But at least URL munging results in a 403.

  6. Yes:

    If you have a preferred load in almost any caliber or are looking for something special, email us and we will give you a price quote.

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