Quote of the day–Traci Hughs

If we had less guns on the street, more people would be alive today.

Traci Hughs
August 21, 2007
D.C. police spokeswoman
In Study Of Gun Traffic, Va. Stands Out
[She doesn’t address the issue of whether the homicides she is referring to were felonious, justified, or praiseworthy. She doesn’t address the issue of substitution of other weapons as a means of homicide. She doesn’t address the issue of felonious homicides that are committed without a gun that could have been prevented had the victim possessed a gun. And I’ll bet she can’t answer Just One Question. And I don’t think it is a misunderstanding of the English language that throughout the article author, Alison Klein, refers to firearms being seized by law enforcement as being “recovered”. “Recover” means “to bring back to normal position or condition”.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Traci Hughs

  1. “If WE had less guns…”? (or should that be “fewer” guns?)

    And who exactly are these “we” people to which she refers? Criminals? Or does she refer to law abiding people having a sense of right and wrong?

    If I use the term “we” I’m generally referring to my peers and me. In that case, if “we” had every manner of guns, ammunition, and knew well how to use them effectively, “we” and by extension, society, are all far better off.

    There is also the issue of whether simply being alive is the Goal. Being both alive and free would seem a more laudable aspiration.

  2. Hey Joe, as long as you’re dinging her on grammar…

    “less” as a measure of quantity is not proper for use on things that are measured individually. It should be “fewer”.

    …aaaand I see Lyle beat me to the punch. 🙁

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