Quote of the day–Alan Korwin

The AP’s apparent love, and frequent use of the word “czar,” is an affront to the entire American public.

A czar is a merciless dictator, not subject to the will of the people, operating ruthlessly in pre-Communist Russia.

The suggestion by the AP and their hopelessly anti-freedom unthinking lapdog followers in the lamestream media, that the U.S. has a drug “czar,” and education “czar,” a fiscal policy “czar,” and numerous other czars has gotten the public and officials to accept the word, without realizing just how brainwashed they have become.

Even if some twisted politician somewhere was the first to apply the word in some unknown circumstance, a proper reporter would say, in effect, “Although politician X called the new bureaucrat a ‘czar,’ the salaried government worker is actually only a mere employee, subject to reprimand, dismissal and the rule of law.”

Alan Korwin
May 18, 2007
Czars Overrunning America
[I recall a time when they were called “public servants“. It perplexes me that somehow they became Czar’s. Was there a servant rebellion that someone forgot to tell me about?–Joe]