Quote of the day–Gary Palmer

For years liberals have misrepresented the danger of legal gun ownership and suppressed or ignored data proving legal gun ownership does not pose a danger to the public. Much to the disappointment of liberals, study after study has found that more guns do not mean more crime nor does more gun control mean less crime.

Gary Palmer
Gun rights issue about to be resurrected in Congress
Alabama Policy Institute
[Yup. Liberals are disappointed by the lack of blood in the streets but that doesn’t stop them. They do love those dances. Facts are irrelevant to their reality.

The editorial has further interesting stuff in it. I’d heard rumors in other places but Palmer elaborates on how pro-gun members of congress are attempting to flush out the pretend supporters of our RKBA. Once they are flushed it’s our job to shoot them down in the next election.–Joe]


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  1. Nation-wide reciprocity would help bring down the crime rate in places like Chicago, DC and Los Angeles. Then the Left would REALLY be pissed.

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