You might as well get used to it

Gay marriage may take some time to make it to all 50 states but just like the concealed carry of firearm reforms that swept the nation in the past decade we are now seeing gay marriage start a relentless march. New Jersey has now decided that the gay cooties (thanks to Say Uncle for turning me on to that phrase) aren’t all that big of a concern. See also my other posts on this topic:

I’m reminded of a quote pointed out to me by Kevin Baker:

Basically, I figure guns are like gays: They seem a lot more sinister and threatening until you get to know a few; and once you have one in the house, you can get downright defensive about them.

Teresa Neilson Hayden



1 thought on “You might as well get used to it

  1. All true, but I wonder how many gays are going to regret having all the common property laws/common law marrage laws apply to them. A lot, I’d guess.

    Right now they have the best of all worlds, and I think that a few of the hard-core leftist gays are going to screw it up for all the others.

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